Route 30 West Run

In Service:

Monday - Friday
Late Night Service Thursday - Saturday
First Run - 7:10 AM
Last Run - During Winter, Summer Spring & Fall Breaks 4:50 PM 
                  - Monday - Wednesday While WVU is in Session 8:40 PM
                  - Thursday, Friday & Saturday while WVU is in Session 2:30 AM

Run Time - 20-30 minutes
Frequency - Fixed


In order to keep this route on time this is an express route, the bus will only stop at the following locations:

West Run Complex, Glen Mark & Bon Vista, Suncrest Towne Center, Chestnut Ridge, Stewart Place & Lewis Street, Shorty Anderson's, Hoffman/Van Guilder, Express Mart, Stewart & University, Copper Beech, Lair*, Court House*, Pub. Safety Bldg* (Late night stops only*)

Late Night Service Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 9:00 PM - 2:30 PM the bus will also travel downtown to: Mountainlair, Met Theatre, Public Safety Building

Download printable 8.5" x 11" schedule