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Each individual route page has a downloadable pdf version of the schedule, if you need large print, electronic copies or other alternate formats of the schedules please call 304-291-RIDE


Late night service connecting Towers, Lincoln Hall, College Park Apartments, Valley View, Stewart Street, Sunnyside, the Lair and Downtown Morgantown. This route operates Thursday, Friday and Saturday when WVU is in Fall and Spring Sessions, running every 10 minutes from 6:00 pm through 2:50 am.
This route travels Southbound to South Park, Morgantown High School, White Park, Mountaineer Mall, Senior Monongalians through downtown, it departs the depot then travels Westover to Morgantown Mall, then travels I79 to University Town Centre (UTC), to Star City CVS, to the Coliseum, then it cuts through Evansdale campus to Towers and the CAC then travels Beechurst back to downtown.  This route operates Monday through Saturday from 7:00 AM to 5:10 PM year round. During WVU Baseball Season the Orange Line Tripper Express Line will begin 1 hour prior to the start of a game with return service after the game additional info here.
This hourly service alternates route each hour.  This bus departs the depot and travels to Unity Manor and the Lair.  On the even hour it departs the Lair and travels on to Ruby Memorial Hospital, North Hills, Mon General Hospital returning to Ruby then E. Moore Hall and back to the depot.  On the odd hour it departs the Lair and travels to Towers, Mountaineer Station/PRT, Indep. Hills MHP, The Villages at West Run, Riddle and returns via Mountaineer Station, Towers, E. Moore Hall to the depot.  This route operates Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM hrough 5:10 PM running every 55 minutes plus limited service on Saturday servicing the Hospitals from 7:00 AM until 5:10 PM.  
This route departs the Depot, travels by Boreman Hall and the Lair, through Sunnyside by way of University. The Red Line then continues into Suncrest by way of University Avenue, traveling Junior Avenue connecting to Fairfield Street then traveling into Star City. This route also covers Western Avenue, Collins Ferry Road and returns to Towers and Lair for its return to the Depot. This service operates Monday through Friday beginning at 6:20 AM running every 70 minutes until 5:10 PM and Saturday from 7:30 AM through 3:40 PM.
This service operates Monday through Saturday and connects the Depot to Cheat Lake and points between. This route travels by Unity Manor, Richwood Avenue, Sabraton, Brookhaven, Rock Forge, Dellslow, Culp's MHP, Tyrone, Trinity, Glenmark Center, and Cheat Lake Resort and beyond. This 90 minute route begins at 6:30 AM and ends at 5:10 PM with reduced Saturday service.
This service departs the Depot with runs up Spruce Street, fronting the Mountainlair, traveling up Stewart Street to Chestnut Ridge Road, traveling to Chestnut Hill Apartments, then traveling to Valley View by way of Willowdale Drive, connecting to Chestnut Ridge Road, then proceeding to Stewart Street for the return trip along the same route used for arrival. This alignment offers connections in Sunnyside for the Gold Line, traveling to Ruby Hospital and the Evansdale and Suncrest areas. This route terminates at the Depot for connections to all other routes.  This 40 minute route begins at 7:00 AM and ends at 5:10 PM with reduced Saturday service.
This route serves the western end of the County traveling from the Morgantown Depot, through Westover, Granville, Osage, Cassville, turns at New Hill and makes a return trip. This route includes a stop at the University Town Center. This route operates Monday through Friday, 6:00 am through 5:10 pm running every 30 minutes plus limited Saturday service.
This route serves Unity Manor, Richwood & Charles, DMV, Airport & Mileground, Easton Hill, University High School, Canyon Dairy Mart, Lakeside Canyon, Crest Point and the Depot. This route offers stops at the DMV in Sabraton, as well as Marilla Park. This route operates hourly from 8:00 am through 5:10 pm (with an additional 6:30 am run to accommodate the UHS students) Monday through Friday with reduced Saturday hours.
This route serves the southern part of the County with three trips daily departing from the Morgantown Depot, traveling through Westover, stopping at the Westover Terminal, traveling to Laurel Point, Arnettsville, Crown, Everettesville, Opekiska, Booth, and Waitman Barb Elementary. This route changes directions for the last run of the day.
This This route serves Sabraton, the Sabraton DMV, Summer School Road, the Kingwood Pike, the Mountaineer Mall (Senior Center), the Greenbag Road and travels through Downtown Morgantown.
This twice daily run departs the Morgantown Depot, travels to the Grafton Road Wal-Mart and continues on the Grafton Road passing by Clinton, Chasewood, Healthy Heights, Brown's Chapel, Halleck, Tom's Run, and the Goshen Road. This route changes directions for its second run of the day.
The Pink Line Departs the Downtown Morgantown Depot, travels up Spruce Street, Willey Street, across the Mileground, down Easton Hill and arrives at its end point at the Glenmark Center. The Pink Line immediately reverses its route and returns to the Depot via the same route. This service runs Monday through Friday with limited service on Saturdays.
This service provides two daily trips, 365 days per year, connecting north central West Virginia to the Pittsburgh area. This service includes early morning connections to Fairmont and Clarksburg, returns to Morgantown to travel on to Pittsburgh Greyhound and the Pittsburgh International Airport. This service offers business class amenities and other features and comforts not found on common public transit services.
This service operates Monday through Friday, 7:10 am through 4:50 pm year round and until 8:40 PM during Spring & Fall Sessions and additional late night service from 9:00 pm through 3:00 am, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings during WVU Regular Semesters. This 20 minute round-trip route begins at the West Run housing complex and serves a portion of Stewartstown Road, Hampton Center, Stewart Street and Sunnyside and WVU's Life Sciences Building. Connections with the Blue & Gold, Red Line and Gold Line provide trips to the Evansdale and Suncrest areas of Morgantown as well as connections to Downtown Morgantown and the Mountain Line Depot on Garrett Street.
The Blue & Gold runs every 10-minutes from 8:00 am through 3:20 pm, Monday through Friday during regular WVU sessions. Otherwise, this service operates 6:40 am – 8:40 pm and provides 20 minute trips connecting Towers, Lincoln Hall, the Law School, and 8th Street, Grant Avenue, Summit Hall, Life Sciences, Campus Drive, Beechurst, the CAC, Engineering, and Ag Sciences by way of Evansdale Drive. This service operates Monday through Sunday, year round with limited service hours on the weekend.
This service operates Monday through Friday year round and connects Valley View Road, Chestnut Ridge Road, Falling Run, Loop area of University Avenue, and Willowdale & Junction. This service runs on a 15 minute loop providing 7 minute service to the Loop Area on University Avenue.