Real Time Update

Solar Power Plant Project

Morgantown, WV- Late 2010 the FTA announced Mountain Line Transit as a recipient of a portion of $164.7 million dollars granted to innovative transit providers committed to reducing harmful emissions, conserving energy and using clean-fuel.  Mountain Line was awarded $1.1 million to fund a Solar Power Plant Project. 
Alpha Associates assisted in preparation of the funding application which outlined plans to use more than 30,000 square feet of roof space at its Westover facility for the installation of solar panels to convert sunlight to electric energy.  In a 12 month period, Mountain Line’s Westover maintenance and administrative facility electric usage was about 323,000 kilowatt hours (kWh), and this solar power project is projected to generate up to 372,519 kWh per year, generating a net positive electric surplus.  Through the use of net metering, the surplus power will be fed back into the local energy grid.
Funds are being provided through FTA’s Fiscal Year 2010 Discretionary Sustainability Funding Opportunity, also known as the TIGGER program.  In this most recent round of awards, similar TIGGER funds were awarded to 27 recipients nationwide.  Mountain Line will match the $1.1 million in TIGGER funding with $110,000 dollars in local funding as a 10% local match required under this grant program.
Public transportation is already one of the largest contributors to reducing carbon emissions and with this project, Mountain Line Transit Authority will take emissions reduction to the next level through the use of a clean, safe, renewable and strategically sound energy production.

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