The Monongalia County Urban Mass Transit Authority operates a deviating fixed route bus system. All fixed route buses are accessible to all individuals and provide for deviations from the fixed bus route up to three-quarters of a mile to pick patrons up at a location of their choosing. This service is limited only by the ability to physically get the bus to the desired location, safely turning and returning to route at point of deviation. This service allows riders to call for a pick up as little as fifteen minutes before the desired trip and is available to all riders, whether they have a documented disability or not. 

In order to request this service, the applicant must initially complete a Deviation Request Form and submit it to the Authority for consideration. An Operations Supervisor will be dispatched to the desired location to determine the best service route and any obstacles which might prevent the bus from accessing the location. After review, the applicant will be notified in writing at the address provided on the Application. 

After the Application has been approved, riders can call 304-291-RIDE as little as fifteen minutes before the desired pickup time to request a deviation. The cost of a one-way deviation is a standard fare plus $0.50 cents, i.e. one ride ticket (75 cents) plus $0.50 cents, $1.25 cash, $0.50 cents for 30-day pass holders.

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