Bike racks are a free service and all buses serving regular routes are equipped with them.

They’re mounted on the front of each bus and on the back of our Grey Line buses.  Each rack can hold up to two bikes.  Whether you’re loading or unloading a bike watch for traffic and make sure the driver can see you at all times.

We've made loading a bicycle as easy as possible; instructions are printed on the rack as a reminder.  If you need assistance, just ask your driver.  Make sure there aren't any loose items attached to the bike, let the driver know you’ll be using the bike rack, squeeze the handle to lower the rack, place your bike in the rack and secure it by raising the support arm to the top of your bikes front tire.  Please load your bicycle in the innermost slot with the handle bars facing the curb if a bike is already in the rack load your bike in the outside slot with the handlebars facing the street.  That’s it, you’re all ready to board the bus.  

When you’re at your destination exit out the front of the bus and let your driver know you need to get your bike. Remove and lower the support arm and lift your bike out of the rack.  If there is no other bike in the rack and no one is waiting to load a bike please return the rack to it’s upright position and make sure it locks in place.  Let the driver know you’re finished step back to the sidewalk and wait until the bus pulls away before you get on your bike.

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