Safety Security

Mountain Line works hard to ensure that passengers experience a safe comfortable ride.  That's why we have rules and regulations.  It's also why we take them seriously and enforce them.  Passengers who fail to follow the rules or bus drivers instructions may be removed from the bus or denied bus service.  

For obvious reasons weapons and illegal substances are not allowed on any bus, in addition there's no smoking, and food and drinks are not permitted on local bus services.

Waste receptacles are located at the front of each bus and we ask that you help us keep our buses and bus stops clean and litter free.

Fare is required from all passengers failure to pay a fare will result in removal from the bus and denial of service.

For your safety and the safety of others, some additional items are restricted or prohibited on Mountain Line Buses.  All items being transported on the bus are allowed at the sole discretion of the Driver of the bus. Other items not permitted on board are gasoline or flammable liquids, toboggans or sleds, furniture or mattresses, large pieces of lumber, open alcoholic beverages, car batteries or weapons of any kind.  Bikes are permitted in bike racks on the front of the bus or on board if the rack is full and there is room on the bus for it.  Skateboards must be left with the driver upon boarding.  Weapons recently purchased and in packaging material may be left with the driver, at the driver's discretion.  Baby strollers, shopping carts and other items must be kept out of the aisles to avoid creating trip hazards or obstructions which might prevent emergency exiting from the bus.  For passenger safety, other items may be prohibited at the discretion of the driver.

The front seats are reserved for seniors and passengers with mobility impairments. If you have a small cart or stroller fold them up and keep them out of the isle or ask your driver for securement assistance. Remember to keep the isle clear.  For information on traveling with wheelchairs, strollers and bicycles visit the section on Accessibility Services or Bicycles.  Please be courteous of your fellow riders, speak softly, don't use abusive language and watch noise levels when you use your cell phone, or other electronic devices requiring headphones.  That way people sitting near you can enjoy their ride too.  When you've reached your destination gather all of your belongings and exit through the rear door.  If you need to cross the street wait for the bus to pull away from the curb before doing so.  Never cross in front of a bus.  At Mountain Line we're proud of our drivers, they're trained to handle circumstances that might arise, always follow their instructions and if you see or experience a problem tell your driver immediately.