You Public Transportation,an Introduction

Welcome to Mountain Line. We have been providing convenient, cost effective, and efficient transportation for the people of Morgantown and Monongalia County since 1996.  Mountain Line links people to work, school, medical appointments, shops, and more. We provide vital mobility for some and save others the hassle of dealing with traffic or parking and the cost of gas and car maintenance.

Our mission is to be a proactive community partner by providing safe, reliable, environmentally friendly transit service for residents and visitors.  Is Mountain Line part of your transportation plan? 

Mountain Line is good for the environment. Public transportation saves the U.S. the equivalent of four point two billion gallons of gasoline annually -- more than eleven million gallons of gasoline per day.  It provides an affordable alternative to driving, helping protect the environment as well as your wallet.  Households that use public transportation save an average of over ten thousand dollars every year.  

As part of our commitment to offer accessible transportation for all of our residents, Mountain Line operates a fleet of demand response vans to run our NewFIT service. These vans are available to passengers who can't use regular bus service to meet their needs. 

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